maanantai 12. marraskuuta 2012

A Very Good Pie

What you need to make a very good pie:

400g minced meat
2dl chanterelles
one big onion
soy sauce
flaky pastry
some egg

lauantai 29. syyskuuta 2012

Second salad

Chickpea salad with cherrytomatoes, leftover cucumber, red onion and pickled cucumber.

perjantai 28. syyskuuta 2012

Salaattia seitsemänä päivänä

Rakastan salaattia. Syön erilaisia salaatteja ehkä kerran pari kuussa. Tämä korjattakoon, siis seuraavan viikon aikana valmistan ja syön erilaisen salaatin joka päivä. Aion kokeilla uusia reseptejä (vinkkejä ja ehdotuksia saa laittaa kommenttiboksiin) ja opetella tekemään jotain mitä en ole aikaisemmin tehnyt.

Tämän päivän salaatti on oikeastaan jämäkasa kaikenlaista: jääsalaattia, kirsikkatomaatteja, punasipulia, kurkkua, kananmunaa ja vuohenjuustolla täytettyä herkkusientä. Oli hyvää vaikka näyttääkin ehkä vähän epämääräiseltä. Ja unohdin salaatinkastikkeenkin.  Vuohenjuustoherkkusienet olivat pettymys, eivät maistuneet oikein miltään. 

Ps: Se tunne, kun kaivat hyllystä levyn jota exäsi nimitti "intialaiseksi ulinaksi" ja tajuat että voit nyt luukuttaa sitä niin paljon kuin haluat. Terveisiä vaan A:lle jos luet tätä :)

lauantai 8. syyskuuta 2012

Just a minute on September to be okay without getting everything I want right away

Watching...cats sleeping

Reading...Hyperion. I'm stuck with this book!

Listening...Depeche Mode and Joan Baez

Craving for...Caesar salad

Loving...the season

Writing...and doodling when I should be drawing and painting the phone, hearing how things are on the other side of the world. T is in South Korea right now and I miss him

What I'm watching...from TV

When I was a kid I rarely watched TV. My favorite series were Moomins, Alfred J. Kwak, Barbapapa, Doctor Snuggles, Tao Tao and so on. After moving out from my parents place I have never really had the need for a tv and even now I only have one to use as a screen for GameCube. But then came the wonderful world of internet and tv-watching boyfriends. This is a list of some tv series I have enjoyed in no particular order.

Twin Peaks

Have I known there was something so great I would have watched this years ago. Loved it, couldn't stop watching it, was inspired by it.
"The body of a young girl (Laura Palmer) is washed up on a beach near the small Washington state town of Twin Peaks. FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper is called in to investigate her strange demise only to uncover a web of mystery that ultimately leads him deep into the heart of the surrounding woodland and his very own soul." (Imdb)

New Girl

I don't usually enjoy comedies but this one really makes me laugh. "Jess - a bubbly offbeat teacher who is known to burst into spontaneous song - catches her boyfriend with another woman, and needs a new place to live. She moves into a loft with three single guys she's never met before. Nick is a jaded law-school dropout, who usually just wants to be left alone. Schmidt is an flashy businessman, who believes he is a gift to women. Winston is a former athlete who doesn't know what to do, but really needs to win whatever it is" (Imdb)

Star Trek

From The Next Generation to Enterprise it's all about adventure and sci-fi a girl can enjoy too.
I didn't really like the very first Star Trek with Kirk as a captain, but after that I have enjoyed every series and movies several times. There is battles, romance, danger, new worlds and weird looking aliens.

Hart of Dixie

This is all about cheesy romance and giggly girly stuff. If not counting pet alligator on the right is a picture of the main reason I keep watching this one. Because, you know, hot men are nice and this one shows up often without a shirt. And is nice and plays guitar. What more there is to want? (Imdb)


The USA version that aired 2011. SO good. Makes me laugh to things you know you shouldn't laugh, but it's fun sometimes. This is what Imdb says about the series: "Meet the fabulously dysfunctional Gallagher family. Dad's a drunk, Mom split long ago, eldest daughter Fiona tries to hold the family together. Eldest son Philip (Lip) trades his physics tutoring skills for sexual favors from neighborhood girls. Middle son Ian is gay. Youngest daughter Debbie is stealing money from her UNICEF collection. Ten-year-old Carl is a budding sociopath and an arsonist, and toddler Liam is - well, he might actually be black, but nobody has a clue how" (Imdb)

Sons of Anarchy

One of the best series I have ever seen. Don't watch this if you like happy, funny, fluffy things. It's all about bad relationships, violence, betrayal and so on. "Sons of Anarchy, aka SAMCRO, is a motorcycle club that operates both illegal and legal businesses in the small town of Charming. They combine gun-running and a garage, plus involvement in porn film. Clay, the president, likes it old school and violent; while Jax, his stepson and the club's VP, has thoughts about changing the way things are, based on his dead father's journal. Their conflict has effects on both the club and their personal relationships." (Imdb)

Also worth watching: Walking Dead, True Blood, Jericho, Game of Thrones and Modern Family says new seasons from Hart of Dixie and Sons of Anarchy are airing 11.9.2012, so I can't wait! 

torstai 6. syyskuuta 2012

Jeans into a yoga mat carrier

Right now I'm so proud of myself. I had these old jeans I didn't want to wear even when working at garden. Also, I had a need for proper yoga mat carrier. I found this DIY Project and actually managed to make a decent looking, easy to use carrier. And it was super easy. I recommend this project even though, you know, I don't have any friend that do yoga.

perjantai 27. heinäkuuta 2012

One Month Challenge: Eat fresh

I challenge myself and everyone who reads this to eat better and more fresh. Fruits and vegetables I mean. I have been eating badly since...january? And feeling a bit down, now it's time to make a difference. So, at least ONE fruit or vegetable per day.
Friday 27.7.2012 I ate some dried fruits, orange juice, one leek, one paprika and some salad made of carrots and cabbage. Maybe going to eat orange later just before work.
Saturday 28.7.2012 Orange juice, paprika and leek in a pie
Sunday 29.7.2012 Orange, salad, tomatoes, cucumber, paprika, some dried fruits
Monday 30.7.2012 Salad, tomatoes, cucumber, paprika, pineapple
Tuesday 31.7.2012 Paprika

tiistai 17. heinäkuuta 2012

Just a Minute in July to be in a working relationship

Watching...Twin Peaks at T's place and TNG at mine

Reading...waiting to pick up Hyperion from the library

Listening...Nancy Sinatra

Craving for...hoisin sauce

Loving...this feeling

Making...things to work


Writing...things  I found funny in to my new list book

One Month Challenge: Budget part 6

In the end it all comes to saying "no" and I'm terrible at that. I want to buy those cute shoes, or delicious grapes or pick up some chinese take away with a friend. It's Wednesday 18.7.2012 and there's 15,95 euros in the jar, in bank account 493,97 euros. All bills and loans paid.

After actually keeping track where my money goes I have to say food. And I don't think I even eat fancy food. I rarely have anything but butter on my bread, I don't eat lots of meat nor take away and I'm quite small so I don't eat much. And still. Though, yesterday I bought yogurt, walnut ice cream, potato chips and strawberries for watching Twin Peaks. I was feeling down since my grandmother passed away two night ago.

This was a very bad moment for budgeting for a month since I had lots of loans to pay and I ate often at T's place where he usually buys the food. Having a boyfriend has made me drink less but I eat out more often. Since he likes to take me out, it's okay but sometimes I feel it's just silly since we both can cook and he lives right next door all restaurants. It's not like we had to eat out. Something I need to learn, I think.

keskiviikko 11. heinäkuuta 2012

One Month Challenge: Budget part 5

Wednesday 11.7.2012 bank account has 1,77 euros, the jar 0,20 euros. I feel tired all the time and I think I might be lacking vitamins and what not. Also, had to give up coffee for tea since I can't afford milk. Went to the market today with 5,90 euros. Came back with two days worth of pasta and sauce, two days worth french fries, can of tuna (going to stuff baked potatoes) and two packages of rye bread. Oh please come monday already, I'm starting to hate pasta. And eggs. French fries soon too. And pea soup. Bleh. Next update will be the last one about me not being able to budget.

tiistai 3. heinäkuuta 2012

One Month Challenge: Budget part 4

I was supposed to get around 220 euros on monday to support living. Didn't. I got little over 6 euros.
So, had to loan some more money from Antti, who has turned out to be my personal bank and I feel crappy about it. He loaned me 50 euros for two weeks so I won't starve and so on. Also, I was working last night and got little over 12 euros as tips. It's Tuesday 3.7.2012 and there's 6,77 euros in my bank account. 44,25 euros in the jar. By the way, the peanutbutter cookies were good. Make them. (cool staircase from Ts place)

3 euros for pizza I split
12,71 euros for food that I didn't need (soy milk, chiligouda, salad, peaches)
3 euros stashed for night bus just in case

Basically what I do whenever I get little money: I check the cupboard to see if there is any food (can of pea soup and bad of mushroom risotto, three tiny breads and one hamburger at the moment) I'll count the days till next paycheck and left out days I have food for (in this case for two days and on thursday I can eat for free at work). Then I just divide the money with the amount of days to get some sense of how cheap I need to buy. Daily money is around 4 euros now which is more than I have had in months really. This means I can buy meat occasionally and breakfast too.  But I should color my hair, which drops the daily money to 3 euros, oh well. Thanks to my friend Robin I was introduced to this personal finance software: I have been using it only for five days now, so not much to show to you yet.

torstai 28. kesäkuuta 2012

List of gross things

We have been talking about our likes and dislikes with T a lot. Finding new things about the other is always kinda exciting. Yesterday I found out he knows mushrooms and has been picking them a lot in his childhood. Never had guessed. 

List of things I found gross

1. Touching knees or navel 
2. People talking in phone while using toilet
3. Smell of banana
4. Hairy moles
5. The feeling when you are bare footed and have just stepped on used condom
6. Apes

One Month Challenge: Budget part 3

It is amazing how bad I am at saving money. Thursday 28.6.2012 I have 0,29 euros in my account and jar has 2,50 euros. Er...I'll get money on monday next time. My parents are coming to visit today and since I don't have money to buy anything to go with coffee I baked these peanutbutter cookies I hope they will eat. 

So where did all that money go? I haven't kept as good track as I did last time, but I paid off my 100 euro loan to Antti and some bills. And then I bought food and beer. I have been feeding besides me one hungry man, so this explains little, though I eat at his place now and then too. Soo...

100 euros for Antti
44 euros for buscard
64 euros for electricity bill
12 euros for two pairs of shoes
and then some food and beer in the bar

Actually, without the loan and electricity bill that comes rarely I would have made it quite nice. I haven't had to give up anything I would have needed, though I did buy cheapest deodorant and eat a lot of pasta. Four days to go and I don't have any breakfast. I could make bread again but I don't really feel like it. I have food for those four days luckily. (pasta with mushrooms, pasta with creamy sauce, pea soup and mushroom risotto) Today I actually ate already mushroom omelette. I don't feel like eating any more mushrooms for a while. Also, I'm working friday and saturday night and can afford only one nightfare to bus if I don't buy breakfast. The man I'm seeing is not going to be in the city so I can't sleep at his place (since he lives right next door my work place) so I have to walk home after work (3,5km)  at least once. It's not a big deal but not something you would like to do in the early hours of the morning after busy day at work.

tiistai 19. kesäkuuta 2012

One Month Challenge: Budget part 2

Soo...this is not going well. I got money yesterday and went little crazy with it. Spend almost all of my weekly budget already and it's tuesday! Tuesday 19.6.2012 my bank account has 256,30 euros. The jar has 8,60 euros in it. However, I did pay all my bills and paid loans too and I bought food and breakfast for couple days. This is where my money went since last update:

54 euros for paying back loaned money
56,30 for phone bill
4,90 for soap
7,95 for clothes
17,15 for food
30,50 for beer
342 euros for rent and sauna

perjantai 15. kesäkuuta 2012

One Month Challenge: Budget

So I was browsing this weirdish and yet entertaining site called and there was lots of challenges, which I love. Well, to be exact I love documenting and challenge gives me a perfect reason to document. Also, I'm running out of money all the time, therefore Budget Challenge! I have this jar, where I put my weeks worth of food money every monday. No loaning, no adding any money before next monday. In here I will document who I manage to keep up with this and where goes most of my money since I don't go shopping very often. Every month I get some money to support living and my pay check comes twice a month, but I don't have lots of shifts right now.

Friday 15.6.2012 My bank account has 0,97 euros. The jar has 7,40 euros in it. I have some empty bottles waiting to be returned and food for couple days in the pantry. I'm running out of hand soap and tomorrow there's a gig I really want to attend. The gig itself is free but I would like to drink couple beers.

maanantai 26. maaliskuuta 2012

Oh no!

So...I have this t-shirt. Perfectly fitting, soft, grey t-shirt. Just the perfect t-shirt. Expect it has a hole in it. Not anymore! Now it has several holes that magically disguise the original hole.

Sorry for the crappy photo. I was ill, alone and it was dark. Might have been a bit lazy too. Anyway, how to weave a t-shirt found via Pinterest.

keskiviikko 21. maaliskuuta 2012

Just a minute in March cheap and tasty recipes

Watching...Prison Break

Reading...The God of Small Things

Listening...Rob Zombie

Craving for...candy <3 friends

Making...a mess of my relationships

Playing...Anno 1602

Writing...list of things to remember

keskiviikko 7. maaliskuuta 2012

Throw away 50 things

To be honest I wasn't inspired to take a part of this challenge because of Gail Blankes "world-class motivator" skills "whose vision is to empower men and women to live truly exceptional lives". I was inspired after reading about it at here and seeing all those things people actually keep around. So, here is my first effort to live truly exceptional life.
I don't tend to keep useless things but I do have a bad habit of hiding stuff I don't know what to do with to places there really should be something else. So, here is part of my wardrobe:

Looking pretty neat there is THAT bottom shelf you just stuff things into and then happily forgot. Things that have nothing to do in wardrobe, things that could be put in use, or then not...So let's see what I will have to throw away or re-locate...

Um, yes. A huge pen, pocket knife, Madonnas Something to remember cassette, clock mechanism, two tiny tins, pins, one screw, heart shaped button, pink pick, craft pegs, paperclip, two stickers with my name on them, small dragon sculpture, crocheted..thing, package of five pairs of too thin tights, two trays, two sketchbooks, postcard, urn and camera stand. What? Not everyone keep urns in their wardrobes, you know, just in case?? Still 30/50 to go. Take part of the challenge and show me some weird stuff you kept without knowing!

lauantai 11. helmikuuta 2012

Väkivaltainen kiropraktikko

Noina tuoppien täyttäminä päivinä
kun minä en enää muistanut kuka olin
itkin pahaa oloani
unohdettuani miltä tuntuu hyvyys

Enkä nähnyt eteeni
en osannut kääntää päätäni
kuin kiropraktikko tulit
ja teit sen puolestani

Niksautit minut oikealle radalle