perjantai 15. kesäkuuta 2012

One Month Challenge: Budget

So I was browsing this weirdish and yet entertaining site called and there was lots of challenges, which I love. Well, to be exact I love documenting and challenge gives me a perfect reason to document. Also, I'm running out of money all the time, therefore Budget Challenge! I have this jar, where I put my weeks worth of food money every monday. No loaning, no adding any money before next monday. In here I will document who I manage to keep up with this and where goes most of my money since I don't go shopping very often. Every month I get some money to support living and my pay check comes twice a month, but I don't have lots of shifts right now.

Friday 15.6.2012 My bank account has 0,97 euros. The jar has 7,40 euros in it. I have some empty bottles waiting to be returned and food for couple days in the pantry. I'm running out of hand soap and tomorrow there's a gig I really want to attend. The gig itself is free but I would like to drink couple beers.

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