perjantai 27. heinäkuuta 2012

One Month Challenge: Eat fresh

I challenge myself and everyone who reads this to eat better and more fresh. Fruits and vegetables I mean. I have been eating badly since...january? And feeling a bit down, now it's time to make a difference. So, at least ONE fruit or vegetable per day.
Friday 27.7.2012 I ate some dried fruits, orange juice, one leek, one paprika and some salad made of carrots and cabbage. Maybe going to eat orange later just before work.
Saturday 28.7.2012 Orange juice, paprika and leek in a pie
Sunday 29.7.2012 Orange, salad, tomatoes, cucumber, paprika, some dried fruits
Monday 30.7.2012 Salad, tomatoes, cucumber, paprika, pineapple
Tuesday 31.7.2012 Paprika

tiistai 17. heinäkuuta 2012

Just a Minute in July to be in a working relationship

Watching...Twin Peaks at T's place and TNG at mine

Reading...waiting to pick up Hyperion from the library

Listening...Nancy Sinatra

Craving for...hoisin sauce

Loving...this feeling

Making...things to work


Writing...things  I found funny in to my new list book

One Month Challenge: Budget part 6

In the end it all comes to saying "no" and I'm terrible at that. I want to buy those cute shoes, or delicious grapes or pick up some chinese take away with a friend. It's Wednesday 18.7.2012 and there's 15,95 euros in the jar, in bank account 493,97 euros. All bills and loans paid.

After actually keeping track where my money goes I have to say food. And I don't think I even eat fancy food. I rarely have anything but butter on my bread, I don't eat lots of meat nor take away and I'm quite small so I don't eat much. And still. Though, yesterday I bought yogurt, walnut ice cream, potato chips and strawberries for watching Twin Peaks. I was feeling down since my grandmother passed away two night ago.

This was a very bad moment for budgeting for a month since I had lots of loans to pay and I ate often at T's place where he usually buys the food. Having a boyfriend has made me drink less but I eat out more often. Since he likes to take me out, it's okay but sometimes I feel it's just silly since we both can cook and he lives right next door all restaurants. It's not like we had to eat out. Something I need to learn, I think.

keskiviikko 11. heinäkuuta 2012

One Month Challenge: Budget part 5

Wednesday 11.7.2012 bank account has 1,77 euros, the jar 0,20 euros. I feel tired all the time and I think I might be lacking vitamins and what not. Also, had to give up coffee for tea since I can't afford milk. Went to the market today with 5,90 euros. Came back with two days worth of pasta and sauce, two days worth french fries, can of tuna (going to stuff baked potatoes) and two packages of rye bread. Oh please come monday already, I'm starting to hate pasta. And eggs. French fries soon too. And pea soup. Bleh. Next update will be the last one about me not being able to budget.

tiistai 3. heinäkuuta 2012

One Month Challenge: Budget part 4

I was supposed to get around 220 euros on monday to support living. Didn't. I got little over 6 euros.
So, had to loan some more money from Antti, who has turned out to be my personal bank and I feel crappy about it. He loaned me 50 euros for two weeks so I won't starve and so on. Also, I was working last night and got little over 12 euros as tips. It's Tuesday 3.7.2012 and there's 6,77 euros in my bank account. 44,25 euros in the jar. By the way, the peanutbutter cookies were good. Make them. (cool staircase from Ts place)

3 euros for pizza I split
12,71 euros for food that I didn't need (soy milk, chiligouda, salad, peaches)
3 euros stashed for night bus just in case

Basically what I do whenever I get little money: I check the cupboard to see if there is any food (can of pea soup and bad of mushroom risotto, three tiny breads and one hamburger at the moment) I'll count the days till next paycheck and left out days I have food for (in this case for two days and on thursday I can eat for free at work). Then I just divide the money with the amount of days to get some sense of how cheap I need to buy. Daily money is around 4 euros now which is more than I have had in months really. This means I can buy meat occasionally and breakfast too.  But I should color my hair, which drops the daily money to 3 euros, oh well. Thanks to my friend Robin I was introduced to this personal finance software: I have been using it only for five days now, so not much to show to you yet.