tiistai 17. heinäkuuta 2012

One Month Challenge: Budget part 6

In the end it all comes to saying "no" and I'm terrible at that. I want to buy those cute shoes, or delicious grapes or pick up some chinese take away with a friend. It's Wednesday 18.7.2012 and there's 15,95 euros in the jar, in bank account 493,97 euros. All bills and loans paid.

After actually keeping track where my money goes I have to say food. And I don't think I even eat fancy food. I rarely have anything but butter on my bread, I don't eat lots of meat nor take away and I'm quite small so I don't eat much. And still. Though, yesterday I bought yogurt, walnut ice cream, potato chips and strawberries for watching Twin Peaks. I was feeling down since my grandmother passed away two night ago.

This was a very bad moment for budgeting for a month since I had lots of loans to pay and I ate often at T's place where he usually buys the food. Having a boyfriend has made me drink less but I eat out more often. Since he likes to take me out, it's okay but sometimes I feel it's just silly since we both can cook and he lives right next door all restaurants. It's not like we had to eat out. Something I need to learn, I think.

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