torstai 28. kesäkuuta 2012

One Month Challenge: Budget part 3

It is amazing how bad I am at saving money. Thursday 28.6.2012 I have 0,29 euros in my account and jar has 2,50 euros. Er...I'll get money on monday next time. My parents are coming to visit today and since I don't have money to buy anything to go with coffee I baked these peanutbutter cookies I hope they will eat. 

So where did all that money go? I haven't kept as good track as I did last time, but I paid off my 100 euro loan to Antti and some bills. And then I bought food and beer. I have been feeding besides me one hungry man, so this explains little, though I eat at his place now and then too. Soo...

100 euros for Antti
44 euros for buscard
64 euros for electricity bill
12 euros for two pairs of shoes
and then some food and beer in the bar

Actually, without the loan and electricity bill that comes rarely I would have made it quite nice. I haven't had to give up anything I would have needed, though I did buy cheapest deodorant and eat a lot of pasta. Four days to go and I don't have any breakfast. I could make bread again but I don't really feel like it. I have food for those four days luckily. (pasta with mushrooms, pasta with creamy sauce, pea soup and mushroom risotto) Today I actually ate already mushroom omelette. I don't feel like eating any more mushrooms for a while. Also, I'm working friday and saturday night and can afford only one nightfare to bus if I don't buy breakfast. The man I'm seeing is not going to be in the city so I can't sleep at his place (since he lives right next door my work place) so I have to walk home after work (3,5km)  at least once. It's not a big deal but not something you would like to do in the early hours of the morning after busy day at work.

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