torstai 12. elokuuta 2010

The Sting

The Sting, crime comedy that first was published in 1973
was fun, clever and very entertaining. It tells a story
of con-artists that team up to steal banker's fortune.
The Sting is number 100 in imdb's top 250 list. ****/*****

keskiviikko 11. elokuuta 2010

Watching a movie or two

So, today I'm going to start a new project which will
introduce me to new worlds, adventures and interesting people...
I will start watching the movies from imdb's top 100.
Luckily I have seen almost half of them (54, to be exact)
so this won't take that long. Today's movie is The Sting
and I will write about it later.

sunnuntai 1. elokuuta 2010

The Runaways

Katsoin eilen The Runaways-bändistä kertovan samannimisen
elokuvan. Bändi ei ollut ennestään minulle tuttu,
enkä oikein tiennyt mitä odottaa,mutta yllätyin
positiivisesti. Traileri. ****/*****

I saw The Runaways yesterday and enjoyed it a lot.
The band itself wasn't familiar to me, so I didn't
really know what to expect. This was a pleasant surprise.
Watch the trailer here. ****/*****