tiistai 3. heinäkuuta 2012

One Month Challenge: Budget part 4

I was supposed to get around 220 euros on monday to support living. Didn't. I got little over 6 euros.
So, had to loan some more money from Antti, who has turned out to be my personal bank and I feel crappy about it. He loaned me 50 euros for two weeks so I won't starve and so on. Also, I was working last night and got little over 12 euros as tips. It's Tuesday 3.7.2012 and there's 6,77 euros in my bank account. 44,25 euros in the jar. By the way, the peanutbutter cookies were good. Make them. (cool staircase from Ts place)

3 euros for pizza I split
12,71 euros for food that I didn't need (soy milk, chiligouda, salad, peaches)
3 euros stashed for night bus just in case

Basically what I do whenever I get little money: I check the cupboard to see if there is any food (can of pea soup and bad of mushroom risotto, three tiny breads and one hamburger at the moment) I'll count the days till next paycheck and left out days I have food for (in this case for two days and on thursday I can eat for free at work). Then I just divide the money with the amount of days to get some sense of how cheap I need to buy. Daily money is around 4 euros now which is more than I have had in months really. This means I can buy meat occasionally and breakfast too.  But I should color my hair, which drops the daily money to 3 euros, oh well. Thanks to my friend Robin I was introduced to this personal finance software: http://www.thebirdy.com. I have been using it only for five days now, so not much to show to you yet.

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