keskiviikko 7. maaliskuuta 2012

Throw away 50 things

To be honest I wasn't inspired to take a part of this challenge because of Gail Blankes "world-class motivator" skills "whose vision is to empower men and women to live truly exceptional lives". I was inspired after reading about it at here and seeing all those things people actually keep around. So, here is my first effort to live truly exceptional life.
I don't tend to keep useless things but I do have a bad habit of hiding stuff I don't know what to do with to places there really should be something else. So, here is part of my wardrobe:

Looking pretty neat there is THAT bottom shelf you just stuff things into and then happily forgot. Things that have nothing to do in wardrobe, things that could be put in use, or then not...So let's see what I will have to throw away or re-locate...

Um, yes. A huge pen, pocket knife, Madonnas Something to remember cassette, clock mechanism, two tiny tins, pins, one screw, heart shaped button, pink pick, craft pegs, paperclip, two stickers with my name on them, small dragon sculpture, crocheted..thing, package of five pairs of too thin tights, two trays, two sketchbooks, postcard, urn and camera stand. What? Not everyone keep urns in their wardrobes, you know, just in case?? Still 30/50 to go. Take part of the challenge and show me some weird stuff you kept without knowing!

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