perjantai 27. heinäkuuta 2012

One Month Challenge: Eat fresh

I challenge myself and everyone who reads this to eat better and more fresh. Fruits and vegetables I mean. I have been eating badly since...january? And feeling a bit down, now it's time to make a difference. So, at least ONE fruit or vegetable per day.
Friday 27.7.2012 I ate some dried fruits, orange juice, one leek, one paprika and some salad made of carrots and cabbage. Maybe going to eat orange later just before work.
Saturday 28.7.2012 Orange juice, paprika and leek in a pie
Sunday 29.7.2012 Orange, salad, tomatoes, cucumber, paprika, some dried fruits
Monday 30.7.2012 Salad, tomatoes, cucumber, paprika, pineapple
Tuesday 31.7.2012 Paprika

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