torstai 10. tammikuuta 2013

What's in my bag?

receipt from Swamp music store and Groove bar
salmiakki skulls
Rennie pills (for heart burn)
hand cream
lip balm
four pens (green is the crappy one)
two lighters (Bandidos mc and Hondos Center)

Still meatless January

21/31 to go! After realizing I have been eating lots of ready made meals I need to start making my own. I normally don't eat much of that "just microwave" -stuff but somehow cooking vegetarian meals hasn't been in my schedule right now. It has been hectic couple weeks anyway. So today I'm going to make vegetarian wok with chanterelle. One of the reasons I stopped eating red meat is because it tends to give me heart burn, I haven't experienced any after skipping it, so that's good. I have also been super stressed but not bloated and zombie tired like I usually am. I'm not sure if it's because food or not, but it's still a positive thing. Once or maybe twice I have had a huge craving for mettwurst. Guys were having it on breakfast table and the smell was SO GOOD, mm... It was quite easy to resist the temptation anyway.

lauantai 5. tammikuuta 2013

Meatless January

Inspired by this Lihaton tammikuu / Meatless January I ended up thinking what I could do to feel better. I have been feeling tired and a bit down for a long time now and though the idea of skipping red meat and chicken for a month wouldn't be too big change for actually sticking into it. "For a month" doesn't necessary mean a month, it's all about feeling good for me, not so much about saving animals.  My fridge hasn't looked this sad and empty for a long time. :(

This is the fifth day and so far I haven't experienced any cravings. I have eaten only food I'm familiar with but next week I promised myself to try out some new recipes. I'm trying to write about the experiment and my feelings and document what I have been eating. So far...

- chinese take away: shrimps and vegetables with rice
- tuna-leek pie
- McFeast with vegetable patty
- fish sticks with mashed potatoes
- onion rings with mayo
- pasta salad
- creamy veggie curry
- vegetarian nuggets
- caesar salad
-Zarillo's vegan burger