lauantai 5. tammikuuta 2013

Meatless January

Inspired by this Lihaton tammikuu / Meatless January I ended up thinking what I could do to feel better. I have been feeling tired and a bit down for a long time now and though the idea of skipping red meat and chicken for a month wouldn't be too big change for actually sticking into it. "For a month" doesn't necessary mean a month, it's all about feeling good for me, not so much about saving animals.  My fridge hasn't looked this sad and empty for a long time. :(

This is the fifth day and so far I haven't experienced any cravings. I have eaten only food I'm familiar with but next week I promised myself to try out some new recipes. I'm trying to write about the experiment and my feelings and document what I have been eating. So far...

- chinese take away: shrimps and vegetables with rice
- tuna-leek pie
- McFeast with vegetable patty
- fish sticks with mashed potatoes
- onion rings with mayo
- pasta salad
- creamy veggie curry
- vegetarian nuggets
- caesar salad
-Zarillo's vegan burger

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