sunnuntai 7. marraskuuta 2010

All the things we love

When I was around 15 we had cooking classes at school. Everyone had a pair and together we cooked basic meals one could do at home easily. My pair was a boy whom I didn't know very well at first, but during those classes I turned out to have a huge crush on him. I also discovered the wonderful world of pies after we had prepared tuna leek pie that tasted perfect. Four years later my cousin asked me what I wanted for graduation gift and I wishes for proper pie dish. It has been some time, the crush turned into friendship and tuna leek pie is no more my favorite, although among top 5.
Today I made a simple apple curd pie.

200g butter
2 dl sugar
2 eggs
5 dl flour
2 tbs baking powder

Mix ingredients together and fill the pie dish with the dough.

250g curd
2 eggs
1 dl sugar
1 dl cream
2 tbs vanilla sugar

Mix together and pour over dough. Cut 3-5 sour apples to the top and sprinkle sugar and cinnamon all over them. Bake around 30 minutes in 200'c. Serve with vanilla ice cream.

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