sunnuntai 17. lokakuuta 2010

Cheap fastfood: Springrolls

What you need:

Springroll pastry (I bought ready made)
2 carrots
1 big potato
some cabbage
minced meat
2 red onions
3 tsp of garlic
1-2 eggs

Soya sauce
Brown sugar
Corn starch

Use egg to seal the rolls and cook them in the oil until they are golden brown and crispy. If you want to cook them in the oven just put some egg on them for the color and let them be 25 minutes in 200'c.

3 kommenttia:

  1. This recipe looks so awesome! I have always loved springrolls but the thought that I could make them myself never occurred to me :D

    From the picture I gather that you chopped all the ingredients to a fine hack, but did you have to cook any of them before that?

    I remember that you made like 30 of 'em with this recipe...? :D

    Now to find that pastry... I hope this won't end like that time when you recommended a gingerbeer brand that you have plenty in your town but seems to be impossible to get anywhere from here :(

  2. Aw, no worries!

    Stuffing is chopped so small it will cook when he rolls are in the oven, so no need for any extra cooking. I bought my pastry from asian market that sold it frozen. But I saw today that Santa Maria sells pastry too, but it's really expensive. Or I could mail you some? :P

    These ingredients cost me maybe 7 euros and yeah, it made 30+ springrolls. I think I'm not making any for a while.

  3. yes! we could establish an new trade-route like times of ol'. Tampere-Oulu, you send me ingredients and ginger beer, and I'll mail you...squirrel furs! in the times of old indeed :D