lauantai 31. elokuuta 2013

Listen: Smack - On you

Smack was a band I found through those mix cds you get free when you buy the magazine. They had made a cover of Paint it Black and I later found out it usually is their version playing in radio in Finland rather than the original. It was a good cover, so I wanted to know more about the band. One of their own songs have been made a cover by Nirvana actually.
This is one of those mornings you need to get energetic and keep that energy, hence this record. It's pure rock'n'roll in young, raw, sweaty form. Waking up just now, making some coffee and cleaning a the house, in couple hours to the work and I will be at my bed again around..05ish. For about 5½ hours, then I need to be going again. Anyway, the lead singer Claude was a wonderful poet too, I have his book, Julmia ovat valvotut unet, full of dark, mysterious poems.

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