tiistai 16. heinäkuuta 2013

Food for love

Food has always been very important part of my life. My father who passed away a while ago loved cooking passionately. Kitchen was his place to rebel when there was family to feed and take care of. He made his own spice mixes and had secret recipes, something I never inherited from grandparents. He thought us food is to be shared and enjoyed and you must taste everything before you can say you don't want to eat it. So, after ten years of eating sausages and loving them I said I had have enough of them for the rest of my life and everybody in my family were okay about it. When I told my family January 2013 I was going to try pesco vegetarian lifestyle they were quite okay about it. Not worried if I would get enough nutrition and not even interested why I wanted to try it out. Since then I have eaten some meat. My boyfriend is omnivore and I still like to taste new things. When eating small amounts of meat I rarely get my stomach hurting I do get this heavy, stuffy feeling I don't like. Also, my sense of taste has improved quite a lot, which I find interesting. I have found bananas after years of avoiding them (just didn't like the taste) and pickled garlic is from heaven.

Today I'm eating new potatoes, Pirkka vegetarian patties and tomato-salad with pickled garlic, tomatoes, red onion, black pepper and some feta cheese. And every time I will taste something fresh, smell spices or light up the grill I will remember my father and how he loved and relaxed in the kitchen. 

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