sunnuntai 24. helmikuuta 2013

10 things you didn't know about me

1. My usual breakfast contains coffee with milk and two slices of rye bread with real butter and cucumber. I'm trying to get into a habit of drinking a glass of orange juice too, for vitamin c

2. All my winter shoes are size 35 and summer shoes from size 37 to 38, so I'm thinking either my feet get very swollen in summer or my actual size is 35 + woolen socks

3. I was a nail biter for years and tried everything from wearing lots of gloves to the horrible tasting polish. My savior was colorful nail polish. When bitten it looked so ugly I couldn't live with it so I just bought lots of bright reds and dark purples and black nail polish and stopped biting.

4. In summer I often sweat so much I like to wear black t-shirts just in case. In winter I get so cold even if it's +21 inside the house I sometimes take a hot shower in the middle of the day just to warm up

5. My first cassette was Aerosmith collection I loved to listen when nobody else was at home. I still don't remember who taped it for me

6. My most prized possession if electronics are not counted is 100e  bookshelf. It's from IKEA and has shared five apartments with me. Now it's getting too small for my books.

7. Last two years are first ones since learning to write I haven't had any penpals. I prefer penpals from abroad, my most memorably ones have lived in Germany (Tana) and Poland (Olga). I wish one day I will have the time and interest to have this kind of relationship with somebody again.

8. I still don't understand how skin toned bras are supposed to be invisible under a white t-shirt, they are not!

9. I don't have one best friend but several good friends. Letting somebody close is hard for me and my dream would be to find a man who would be my lover and a best friend.

10. I think long toes are one of the most beautiful part of human body

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